Merit Badge Registration Instructions for 2019 LDS Regional Scout Camp

Many Scouts are arriving later in the week. You can still sign them up for a week-long class, and we will do our best to catch them up and complete the merit badge requirements but there is a possibility they will leave camp with a partial that will need to be completed after camp.
Some badges are taught simultaneously and Scouts can earn two badges in a single class:
  • Scouts that register for either Safety or Traffic Safety will automatically be enrolled in the other, and can earn both badges.
  • Scouts that register for Mile Swim will automatically be enrolled in Polar Bear Swim, and can earn both badges.

Read the instructions below. When you are ready to begin registration, click Register Now.

Merit badge registration works best on a PC, laptop, or tablet. For best results, do not use a mobile phone.

Before Registration

  1. Ensure each Scout has first been registered for camp. Only Scouts that are registered for camp can sign up for merit badges.
  2. It is the Scoutmaster's responsibility to register his Scouts for merit badges. Scoutmasters should have received in invitation to create an account on Scoutmasters MUST NOT share their account with any other person. If you haven't received an invitation, or wish to delegate this responsibility to the Troop Comittee Chairman, please contact us.
  3. Review each Scout's advancement report to determine what badges he needs for rank advancement. On the camp website, select "Merit Badge Catalog" on the "Merit Badges" menu. Select the merit badge or class. The page will list the counselor information, current BSA requirements, special instructions, prerequisites, additional costs, and age requirements.
  4. Next, interview each Scout. Review with him the badges you think he should work on at camp and why. Find out what badges the Scout would like to work on. Reach a compromise. There should be a balance of both required and fun badges. Select alternative badges in case the first choices are not available.
  5. Some badges only take a partial week to complete. For example, a Scout may be able to take one badge Period 1, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and a different badge Period 1, Thursday and Friday.
  6. Merit badge offerings are subject to change at any time.
  7. Assignments for Eagle Corps members will be made before registration begins. The assignments will appear on the Scouts' schedules on the merit badge registration page. You cannot modify these assignments. If you need to modify an assignment, please contact the Camp Director.
  8. Before registration begins, familiarize yourself with the registration page. Carefully read the instructions outlined below.

During Registration

  1. Merit badge registration will begin Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 6:30PM EDT. Popular merit badge classes fill up fast.
  2. Sign in to the camp website. On the "Merit Badges" dropdown menu, select "Register for Merit Badges." The left column displays the Scouts in your troop. The right column displays the merit badges offered at camp this year. By hovering your mouse pointer over a merit badge icon, you can quickly see the available sessions for that badge and how many seats are remaining.
  3. There are three ways to register for a merit badge class:
    1. Drag and drop a merit badge onto a Scout and select a session.
    2. OR, highlight one of your Scouts on the list. All merit badges that will fit in that Scout's schedule have a green "Add" button. Click the "Add" button and select a session to register the Scout.
    3. OR, highlight a merit badge and click "Add" on the Scout to add the badge.

    Continue until the Scouts are registered for all the badges they want to take.

  4. To remove a Scout from a merit badge, find the merit badge on the Scout's schedule. Hover over the merit badge on the schedule and click the red 'X'.
  5. When you have finished registering everyone, click "Print" on the top of the page to print a report. Bring the report to camp to use as a schedule.
  6. Notify the Scouts which badges they will be working on at camp. Inform them of the Special Instructions and Prerequisites. Help them prepare.
  7. If you have questions or experience problems with registration, please contact us. During the first hour of registration, we will be standing by to resolve any issues you may have.

At Camp

  1. The Merit Badge Catalog lists locations in camp for each badge. Clicking on a location will display it on the map.
  2. You can print the merit badge registration page to use as a class schedule.
  3. If a Scout finishes a badge early and wishes to enroll in another class, but the website won't allow it because of a schedule conflict, the merit badge counselor or the office staff can assist you in getting the Scout registered.