Environmental Science (E)

Required to earn the Eagle Scout Award

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Scout camp is a GREAT place to earn the Environmental Science merit badge. Bring pens and pencils and a waterproof container (zip lock bag) large enough to hold your workbook.

Prerequisites for Environmental Science (E)

For the most efficient use of our time, please print (and BRING) the merit badge workbook and come prepared having completed requirements 1 (timeline), 2 (definitions), and 6 (careers). These will be easiest at home where you have access to research resources. That way, we can focus our time on 3 (experiments), 4 (observations), and 5 (environmental impact statement).

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Period(s) Day(s) Location Seats remaining
Period 1 M–F Ecology Pavilion 14/30
Period 2 M–F Ecology Pavilion 24/30
Period 3 M–F Ecology Pavilion 24/30
Period 4 M–F Ecology Pavilion 18/30