Citizenship in the Community (E)

Required to earn the Eagle Scout Award

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This merit badge has significant requirements that cannot be completed at scout camp. 3a. Attend a city or town council or school board meeting, or a municipal; county, or state court session. 4. Choose an issue that is important to the citizens of your community; then do the following: a. Find out which branch of local government is responsible for this issue. b. With your counselor's and a parent's approval, interview one person from the branch of government you identified in requirement 4a. 7. Do the following: a. Choose a charitable organization outside of Scouting that interests you and brings people in your community together to work for the good of your community. c. With your counselor's and your parent's approval, contact the organization and find out what young people can do to help. While working on this merit badge, volunteer at least eight hours of your time for the organization.

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Period(s) Day(s) Location Seats remaining
Period 1 M–Th Dining Hall 1 3/15
Period 2 M–Th Dining Hall 1 17/20
Period 3 M–Th Dining Hall 1 11/15