Rifle Shooting

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Merit badge requires Scouts to handle firearms. Proper and respectful conduct is expected. Scouts with inappropriate behavior will be dismissed from the merit badge. DO NOT bring personal firearms or ammo to camp. Scouts are required to attend the pre-class safety briefing. Bring completed workbook to the briefing. Scouts will be required to pass a written exam administered toward the end of the week. Put your name and troop number on your workbook and bring to the Shooting Sports safety briefing. Proper posture is part of the merit badge. Appropriate physical contact is a part of the course. Leaders should address special needs with the Shooting Sports Director after the safety briefing. Bring merit badge book and pen or pencil to class.

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Prerequisites for Rifle Shooting

Scouts must study the merit badge material before camp. Scouts must complete the Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Workbook before arriving at camp. Put name and troop number on the workbook and bring to class on Monday completed.

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Period(s) Day(s) Location Seats remaining
Period 1 M–F Rifle Range 1/16
Period 2 M–F Rifle Range 1/16
Period 3 M–F Rifle Range 1/16
Period 4 M–F Rifle Range 0/16