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Prerequisites for Scholarship

"1. Show ONE of the following: (a) report card with B/80% or higher average OR (b) improvement from prior. 2. Do TWO of the following: a, b, c, or d. 3. Bring to camp a note from the Principal of your school (or another school official named by the Principal) that states that during the past year your behavior, leadership, and service has been satisfactory. 4. Do ONE of the following: 250-300 word essay on (a) value of education OR (b) two careers." c. Scholarship- in the Prereq, we need to add after ˇDo TWO of the following: a, b, c or d" the following list- a. Make a list of educational places located where you live (other than schools). Visit one, and report on how you used the place for self-education. b. With your counselor's and your parent's approval, interview two professionals (other than teachers or other professionals at your school) with established careers. Find out where they were educated, what training they received, and how their education and training have helped prepare them for the career they have chosen. Find out how they continue to educate themselves. Discuss what you find out with your counselor. c. Using a daily planner, show your counselor how you keep track of assignments and activities, and discuss how you manage your time. d. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of research available to you for school assignments, such as the library, books and periodicals, and the Internet.


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Period(s) Day(s) Location Seats remaining
Free Time 3 M–F Dining Hall 2 2/15
Period 1 M–F Dining Tent 1 11/15