Frequently Asked Questions

January 21, 2019


When does camp start?
Camp will run Monday, June 24 through Saturday, June 29, 2019. Please report to the dining hall promptly at your assigned time on Monday morning.
How can I get important news and event updates?
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What are the 2019 camp fees?
Can I get a refund if a Scouts does not attend an entire week or does not show up at all?
Your troop will receive a refund if a Scout cannot come to camp. If a Scout needs to come to camp late because of school, indicate this on the registration form and their fee will be prorated. Refunds cannot be given if a Scout leaves camp early.
How do I pay the registration fee?
Please make out a check payable to Soldier Hill New Jersey Stake and mail to:

Bishop Manchester
2 Van Saun Place
Pompton Plains, New Jersey 07444

Registration fee payments must be postmarked by May 2, 2019 to qualify for the early registration discount.

Are troops required to fill out a Tour and Activity Plan?
No. In 2017, the BSA has discontinued use of the Tour and Activity Plan, shifting the focus away from paperwork and toward creating a safe space for Scouts to enjoy the program as designed. More information
What do I need to bring to camp?
Start by reviewing the Individual Equipment List. Remember to put your name on all belongings. Radios, MP3 players, CD players, fireworks, aerosol cans, large knives, and electronic devices are NOT allowed. Each troop should also make sure to bring the items on the Troop Equipment List.
Is there internet/cell phone coverage at camp?
Yes; however, access to Wi-Fi will be restricted and Scouts are strongly discouraged from bringing cell phones to camp. See the Leader's Guide for more info.
Can youth who are not yet 12 attend the LDS Regional Scout Camp?
Yes. With their parents' approval, youth may attend camp if they will turn 12 by December 31st of that year. A parent is not required to accompany youth that are not yet 12.
Do parents need to be registered with the Boy Scouts of America?
All adults accompanying a Boy Scout troop to camp, who are present for three or more nights, must be registered with the BSA as a leader, including completion of a criminal background check and youth protection training, even if they are the parent of a youth.
Do I need a physical for camp?
Yes. All youth, and adults staying 72 hours or more, must have received a physical on or after June 30, 2018. All campers, regardless of age or length of stay, must complete the BSA Medical Form. Please closely follow the instructions for completing the medical form.
How do I complete the BSA Youth Protection Training?
Go to the MyScouting website. Log in with your existing MyScouting account or create a new account, if you don't have one. Enter your BSA Membership ID, if you know it.


How do I register for camp?
The Scoutmaster or unit committee chairman registers the entire troop for camp by following the Personnel Registration Instructions.
When can I register my troop for camp?
Personnel registration is now open.
My troop/ward/stake would like to attend your camp.
There are a lot of Scouts in my troop. Do I have to re-enter all of their registration information each year?
Scouts must be re-registered each year, but there is no need to re-enter all of the information. To save time, you can import registrations from past years. From the Troop page, select "Add Personnel", then "Yes, this is a RETURNING camper". Select the name of the returning camper from the list. Review, and update if necessary, the camper's information, then click "Register".
One or more Scouts in my troop attended camp in the past, but with a different troop. Can I still import their registrations?
Yes. From the Troop page, select "Add Personnel", then "Yes, this is a RETURNING camper", then "Import a camper from a different unit". You will need to provide the camper's full name and date of birth.
My stake or troop unit number recently changed. Can I still import my Scouts?
Yes. It is possible to link your account to both your new and old unit numbers. Please contact the website administrator for assistance.
When can I register my Scouts for merit badge classes?
Merit badge registration will begin Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 6:30PM EDT. Popular classes fill fast. Scoutmasters should be prepared to register their Scouts the moment registration opens. Read and follow the Merit Badge Registration Instructions.
What merit badges are offered at camp?
See the list of offered merit badges here.
Can multiple people from the same unit register Scouts for merit badges at the same time?
No. Each unit may sign in from only one device at a time. Scoutmasters should not give their username and password to anyone else.

Merit Badge Counselors

What are blue cards?
A Blue Card recognizes a Scout's completion or partial completion of a merit badge. At LDS Camp, blue cards are available immediately online when a merit badge counselor fills in the electronic yellow card at
What are yellow cards?
A Yellow Card is a record of all the Scouts registered for a particular class and the requirements they have completed so far. The merit badge counselor who teaches the class is responsible for filling in the yellow card and submitting it to the camp office. The yellow cards may be filled out by hand or online by the merit badge counselor using a computer or mobile device. If merit badge counselors elect to use the online format, there is no need to submit a hard copy at the end of the week. They may still use a hard copy for their own records if desired. Blue cards will be available the moment the counselor inputs the information.
How do I fill in yellow cards on my computer or mobile device?
When you are accepted to be a counselor, you will receive an email inviting you to create an account on After activating your account, sign in and under the "Counselor" menu, select "View/edit Yellow cards" to show your teaching assignments. Select a session then follow the instructions on that page.


How do I register for camp?
The Scoutmaster or unit committee chairman registers the entire troop for camp by following the Personnel Registration Instructions.
How do I register for merit badges and classes?
The Scoutmaster or unit committee chairman registers the entire troop for merit badge classes by following the Merit Badge Registration Instructions.
I am a parent. Where do I go to view my son's class schedule?
You can view your son's schedule and all past merit badges by visiting the registration page.
How can I see a list of merit badges my Scouts completed at camp?
Parents, scoutmasters, and stake coordinators can view a list of badges their Scouts completed under Merit Badges, Advancement, View Advancement Report. Depending on your leadership position, up to four different reports will be available. Use the drop down menus to filter each report. Each Scout's history is also displayed on their registration page.
Can I export a list of merit badges to Internet Advancement, or another software tool such as Troopmaster or Scoutbook?
On the View Advancement Report page, the Merit Badge Report and Scoutbook CSV report allow you to export data from as a CSV file. The Scoutbook CSV file can be uploaded to to import all the merit badges that your Scouts completed at camp. We are not able to export directly to any other systems at this time, although Scoutbook does have the ability to do this.